Melodic Death Metal Band From the Bay Area

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The band is self-isolating┬á­čśĚ and you should be too. Hopefully we'll be allowed to have concerts again some day...


Recent Shows


12.21.2019 - X Bar - Cupertino, CA (with Crepuscle, Dawn of Ouroboros, Pissed Regardless)

4.30.19 - The Merrow - San Diego, CA (with Wanted Noise, The Rough)

11.24.18 - X Bar - Cupertino, CA (with Archaeologist, Anever, Wr├ĄtH)

10.25.18 - The Hi Hat - Los Angeles, CA (with Cane Hill, Afterlife, Sharptooth)



"The Hunt promises to be one of the heaviest and most prominent up & coming melo-death bands"

- some dude on Instagram



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